Prague Rhythm Kings



Prague Rhythm Kings is a professional orchestra providing the original interpretation of jazz and popular music from years 1923 to 1932. The repertoire of the orchestra draws from sound recordings of the most significant American and Czech musical ensembles. Thanks to the use of the original historical interpretations and musical instruments, Prague Rhythm Kings tries to get closer to the authentic sound of jazz orchestras of the 1920s.

Noble, elegance, but also the wilderness of these "hot" years will get you into the unique concert show! Not only with Blues, Charleston, Foxtrot, and sweet musical melodies but also with our hairstyles and costumes, we will bring this unique atmosphere to you.

The orchestra can also be ordered at musical festivals, balls, weddings, corporate parties and other events organized by you.

Veronika Šerá – soprano saxophone, alt saxophone, C melody saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet, bandleader
Jan Veverka – trumpet, cornet, vocal
Miroslav Nejdl – trombone
Kristýna Kanická – bass saxophone
Václav Janů – guitar, banjo
Jiří Polydor – piano
Radka Říhová – vocal, kazoo, choo choo



February 17 2024


First Republic Evening

March 20 2024

Mariánské Lázně


April 21 2024

Prague Rokoko Theatre


June 2 2024

Český Krumlov




The CD contains 13 songs from the first half of the 1920s. You will find both well-known and carefully selected almost forgotten melodies on it. Of the musical styles, it's mostly Hot-Jazz and Blues that will please your ear. But we didn't forget about typical Charleston or even a very curious CakeWalk. If you want to start researching these styles or just please your hearing with 100-year-old music, then our CD is right for you.
The CD can be ordered at our email address - you can find it in the contacts.
Price 300 CZK